Suggestions for listening to the sermon

Suggestions for listening to the sermon

March 21, 2020

Dear Christ Church family,

I have been thinking about sitting at home tomorrow with my family and watching the sermon via video. When sitting together and hearing the sermon preached live, there is the temptation to let the mind wander. It is so easy to put the mind in neutral rather than engage with what we are hearing. Surely the temptation is even greater when sitting in our own living rooms in front of the television or computer. May I make a few suggestions (some borrowed from a friend)?

  1. Get up and get dressed – maybe not exactly what you would wear to church Sunday morning, but get out of your PJ’s. Though watching the sermon on video, we are gathering to worship. It’s not family movie night.
  2. Sit up. While you can certainly hear the sermon lying in the bed or reclined on the couch, will you not be more likely to pay attention and engage if you are not in a posture of sleep?
  3. Sing a couple of hymns. If you need the “help”, there are videos on YouTube that you can sing along with.
  4. Pray along as we pray. Here, again, it would be very easy to fall into the mode of observer rather than participant. Stir yourself to participate.
  5. Open your Bible. Take notes. Talk about the sermon around the dinner table. Maybe call one of your brothers or sisters and talk about what you found helpful.
  6. Would you pray, even now, that God will use the unusual times, and this unusual medium of trying to “have church” via video, to work in our hearts, and to further His Kingdom purposes?
  7. Share the sermons. Perhaps God will use this to awaken the hearts of many.

Until we are able to gather together again…


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