General Information

Christ Church aims at a biblically God-centered Christian life. It feels that such an aim can only be reached by giving careful attention to the centrality of God in three areas: doctrine, worship, and lifestyle.

In doctrine, God’s unsolicited and unearned love is seen as the cause of salvation. The glory of His great Being is the ultimate end of salvation. And He is everything in between!

In worship there is a joyful seriousness in which prayer, song, and sermon all unite to aid the congregation to see and express back the worth of God. God’s preferences, as stated in Scripture, are the guide through the many choices concerning ‘worship styles’, rather than man’s.

In lifestyle, the glory of God is the aim of all the little choices, as well as the large ones. Personal growth in Christ-likeness is the goal. Christ Church labors to help its members move toward maturity in Christ in each of these areas which make up a God-Centered church.

An elder-led assembly, Christ Church is a Baptist congregation with those attending being primarily from traditional Baptist and Presbyterian backgrounds. Located in the small town of New Albany, Mississippi, God has been gracious to remind us that the fields are white unto harvest. It currently supports international efforts in Eastern and Western Europe, South America, and Africa. A large part of the work is aimed at helping other students and church leaders rethink the cultural approaches in American Christianity.